Garden Wishlist

We have a number of items on our wishlist – these are listed with top priority first

Among the annual needs for garden replenishment are:

  • 12 bags of Mushroom compost, rotted manure or enriched soil for food plant beds
    (available in bags/Jewel or garden centers)
  • Garden plants to replace those that did not survive the winter – mostly perennials and some annuals
  • 5 bags potting soil to top off the soil in our containers
  • Boot scraper
  • Work gloves
  • Gift cards are helpful to obtain these items which are more difficult to transport to the center or require specific information like plant names and where plants are available.

Our highest priority project is building the containers for the vine garden and a container for unusual plants. We are lucky to have the assistance of a contractor who is helping with the design and construction plans for this project.

The vine garden will require the construction of a 5 1/2 foot square raised bed which will be divided into 4 sections and an oblong rectangular bed. To this end we have on our wishlist the following:

  • 10 each of 4 foot 4×4 in. untreated cedar posts
  • 28 each of 6 foot 2×4 in. untreated cedar rails
  • 8 each of 8 foot 2×4 in. untreated cedar rails
  • 20 each of 4 foot 2×2 in. untreated cedar strips
  • 3 to 5 pounds of 2 1/2 or 3 in. galvanized screws

Why cedar? Cedar would be robust enough to withstand Chicago’s weather and not require treatment. Treated woods such as pine could contain dangerous chemicals such as arsenic and while they have not been proven to leach out into the soil, we prefer to use the safest possible materials. Composite decking would be ideal but is cost prohibitive for us at this time.

Scrap wood leftover from building projects that would fit the above description and would be helpful.

We also need potting soil for these projects. Again, gifts cards to any home improvement store (like Home Depot or Lowes) would be helpful.

Topping off the vine section would be a weathervane to point the way and orient visitors to the garden.

Finally we have some items on our list that would be a wonderful additional to our garden either decoratively or provide additional educational dimensions:

Volunteer time is always welcome as there are always garden tasks requiring attention throughout the growing season. In addition, we will need help building our containers once the materials have been acquired.

Thank you for checking out our list!
updated 2/23/2010

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