And their roles in the garden. There are many, many species of insects and birds that visit a garden. This list represents the ones that have been witnessed in our garden. Please let me know if you have encountered someone not on the list and I will amend it to include your observations.

  • Birds

    • Goldfinch
    • Sparrow
    • Robin
  • Bugs

    Good guys (Beneficials)

    • Praying Mantis
    • Bees
    • Lady beetles a.k.a. Ladybugs have an enormous appetite for aphids and they visit our garden – so hurray!
    • Fireflies
    • Spiders
    • Worms
    • Butterflies
    • Potato Bugs (a.k.a. roly-polys, pillbugs)

    Evil Do-ers

    • Aphids are like little plant vampires
    • Ants aggressively passive-aggressive in their harm to the garden. Here’s why…Ants and aphids have a mutualistic relationship – they each derive some benefit from their association: the ants eat honeydew, a sugary secretion of the aphids, and the aphids are protected from predators by the aggressive ants.
    • Corn root beetle
    • Japanese Beetles are very prolific and very injurious to the garden.
    • Milkweed Bug cluster upon and feed on the seedpods of milkweed plants and other plants
    • Slug enjoys sliming around the garden and eating tomatoes and strawberries

    Just pests

    - A nuisance to some, but don’t really harm the garden or haven’t harmed our garden yet

    • Crickets They are fairly passive. Personally, I enjoy their song during the summer.
    • Flies
    • Grasshopper
    • Rabbitsto be fair, many people have problems with rabbits eating up their gardens but the CCAC resident bunnies can’t get to our garden so they’re ok in my blog. Plus they eat dandelions!
    • Wasps although people are allergic of them or just plain afraid of them

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