Gardening in 2011

Posted May 29th, 2011 by Chris V.

Wow, has a year passed since last year’s plant sales??? So much happened in the garden in the interim. Let’s review…. (cue flashback music)

  • The second plant sale was held on June 16 and was followed by a torrential downpour. Luckily The night crew of our Chicago’s Finest along with CCAC staff were on hand to help collect up the remaining plants and tuck them into the garden as the first drops fell. A rain date followed and was a success!
  • There were three cultivation receptions held in the garden in June, July and September
  • The summer was hot, then very hot, then very rainy. I remember July 4th was particularly sweltering as I was planting perennials in front of the CCAC just this side of heat stroke
  • Our garden flourished, veggies grew and were harvested and enjoyed by many of our clients, their families and our own staff and partners
  • Many weeds were picked
  • October saw the construction of our raised bed in our new vine section of the garden constructed with materials donated by Home Depot and with the help of volunteers
  • Many praying mantis egg sacs were installed by our garden mantis residents
  • Happy New Year 2011!
  • February 2011 brought a particularly generous blizzard and I do have pix of my romping and frolicking in the garden two days later. I will post them. I promise.
  • In March I began seed starting indoors for this year’s plant sale.
  • Ground thawed and the rains came
  • Spring planting began around early April
  • New volunteers pitch in to help on Wednesdays and Saturdays!
  • During April we became preparing the site for our new pond with the liner that was donated to our garden
  • Around May 8 or 9 three baby robins hatched in their nest located under the umbrella in the northeast corner of the garden
  • May 16 Sam and I acquired a generous donation of plants from the Chicago Botanic Gardens Women’s Guild
  • May 17 our landscaping company donated soil for the vine container and that day I planted the vines – three clematis and one variegated honeysuckle vine
  • May 22 we installed the vine trellises. Also this week, the baby birds learned to fly and left their nest.

Which brings us to the next post…the announcement of the 4th Annual Plant Sale to benefit the CCAC Children’s Garden 2011!

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