2010 Garden Goals

Posted March 30th, 2010 by Chris V.

It looks like this week just might bring up more hints of Spring. With that in mind, I thought that I would share the goals for the 2010 growing season in the Garden.

Vine Garden
The highest priority continues to be the acquisition of wood for the construction of the large container for the new vine section which will be located in the South-East section of the garden. This section will feature many flowering vines which have been acquired and are ready to be planted. In the center of the container, there will be a post topped with a weathervane which will serve to orient visitors to the garden.

New Plants
I am researching new plants to include in the garden which have bold tropical looking leaves and colors. There are many perennials which have these characteristics and are winter hardy in Chicago.

As usual, the garden will have fruiting plants which educate our kids on where foods come from and the diversity of varieties which surpasses those found in a typical grocery store. I’m always surprised and pleased at the curiosity the kids exhibit when trying a new vegetable or fruit (tomatoes, technically, are a fruit, afterall). Believe it or not, beets were a favorite last year along with the usual popular raspberries. There are favorites that I make sure to include each year – like the tiny tomatoes that are super productive and surprisingly flavorful considering their 1/2″ size.

In order to achieve these and other goals for the garden, please see the wishlist which is posted on the right hand side of the main page of the blog. As always, volunteer assistance is always welcome throughout the growing season.

Overall, we plan to enrich the garden with new learning experiences which will serve the children visiting the garden. Ultimately, the goal is that the garden serves as a haven for our kids and helps them to feel safe, connected and refreshed by the its nurturing power.

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