Snow in June

Posted June 25th, 2009 by Chris V.

Hens and Chicks covered in the snows of June.

Hens and Chicks covered in the snows of June.

Do I dare to make such a suggestion? Yet, a couple of weeks ago, the fluff was flying and coating everything just like snowflakes of so many winters. The culprit was Chicago’s ubiquitous cottonwood trees.

These trees are members of the willow family and are at home in wet soil as well as compromised soil. They grow tall and make great shade trees. They offer golden leaves in autumn. Yet, the first weeks in June they gifted us with a wispy atmosphere of seed containing cottony structures. And now there are hundreds of cottonwood seedlings in the children’s garden. Anyone up for some weeding??

Note: If you like the photo, you can get a larger (desktop) size by clicking on it and downloading the large version.

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