Plant Sale ’09 – Herbs, Houseplants & Flowers (Annuals/Perennials)

Posted June 2nd, 2009 by Chris V.

Cinnamon Basil

Genovese Basil

Green Ruffles Basil

Purple Opal Basil

Thai Queen Basil

Chamomile Make tea with the flowers by infusing flower heads in boiling


Japanese Shiso/Red Perilla Pretty decorative plant also good with fish or in soup. Common
in Japanese or vietnamese

Cuban Oregano Succulent, soft, fuzzy green leaves. Grows profusely. I grow
as a houseplant but can be planted outside. Can be used in cooking.

Oregano, variagated Yellow/green variaged leaves – very pretty and unusual. Slow
Full to part sun.


Shallots Considered to be the gourmet member of the onion family due
to its mild, delicate flavor, shallots are very similar to green onions,
but develop in clusters of small bulbs rather than as individual onions.
Shallot bulbs are small, generally elongated. Costs $8/lb. in grocery
stores but easy to grow at home.

Agastache rupestris Spicy fragrance, uniquely colored flowers and finely textured
foliage. It is also a superb hummingbird plant.
Full sun
Creeping sedum Thrives in poor soil, good drainage. Nice groundcover with
succulent leaves.
Full sun
Curly Willow Branches make a great addition to flower displays. Can be
grown on in container or in the ground where it will grow into a tree.

Feverfew Pretty daisy-like flower. The flowers are small but enjoyed
by bees.
Full to part sun.
Hostas Two different types. One, a true blue Hosta, this is one
of the largest blue Hostas available.  Its leaves are heart-shaped
and heavily textured. The other, a large leaf with yellow margins. Not
the common hostas you see everywhere – these are the expensive ones
but not expensive at this sale!
Lady’s Mantle Scalloped, fuzzy leaves with bluish cast. Mounding. Yellow/green
flowers in spring.
Part sun/part shade
Lysimachia ciliata Purpurea Large purple leaves up stems topped with small yellow flowers.
Spreads, but is not invasive. About 26 inches tall.
Ostrich Fern Crown-forming, colony-forming fern. About 36 inches tall. Shade
Tall Phlox Up to 36” tall. Pink single flowers. Full sun

Annual – many can be
used as houseplants as indicated with *

Coleus* Multi-colors textures, serrated leaves. Pinch back to encourage
bushy growth.
Glory Vine 10 foot vine blooms in many colors. Attracts hummingbirds. Full sun
Amaranth Love Lies bleeding Back in the day, flowers were given some pretty odd common
names and this is one of them. Amaranth has been cultivated for hundreds
of years and is a very versatile grain. This particular variety blooms
in long red plumes – thus the name. If given lots of space, this plant
can grow to 6 feet tall. Very unique.

Cosmos Annual flower that can grow 3-6 feet. Cosmos bloom all summer
into fall up to the first frost. They often self seed. Their colors include
fuschia, pink, maroon, purple, white and they are favored by bees and
especially butterflies. The stems are delicate and the leaves are ferny
and light. They prefer full sun.

Brugmansia (Angel’s Trumpet)* The plants appreciate morning sun, good soil, and (being
fast growers) frequent food and water. Brugmansia are native to subtropical
regions of South America, where they become large shrubs or small trees.
Fragrant, white flowers are long and trumpet shaped. Must be overwintered.
These young plants won’t bloom until next year.

Larkspur Native perennial wildflower is 1½–3′ tall, consisting
of some basal leaves and a flowering stem with alternate leaves. Flowers
are cobalt blue.

Mandevilla* Tropical but can be overwintered. Cardinal red trumpet flowers.
Likes heat. Will climb on trellis.
Full sun
Golden Cheer Sunflower 6 ft. tall double yellow flowers Full sun
Double Dandy Sunflower Dusty-red blooms on compact 2 foot plants. Suitable for containers
or bedding.
Full sun
Teddy Bear Sunflower A dwarf sunflower plant with multiple large yellow golden
double flowers. Suitable for containers.
Full sun
Plectranthus Mona Lavender* Dark purple stems with lavender flowers above dark green
foliage with purple reverse. Grows bigger in bigger pot.
Partial to full shade
Hibiscus Haight Ashbury* Grown for its beautiful creamy white, pink & burgundy
variegated maple leaf foliage with deep burgundy blossoms in late summer.
12 to 36 inches tall.
Full sun

Transcantia Zebrina – Wandering Jew Filtered light. Trailing plant. Striped and variegated foliage.
Setcreasea pallida ‘Purple Heart’ Trailing purple plant. Best in bright filtered light. Can
be used in outdoor containers in filtered sun to shade.

Silver scilla Lance-shaped, strap-like, 10-15 cm long and 2 cm wide, upright,
fleshy, light silvery green, and basal with dark-green, turquoise, olive
or aquamarine markings above and wine-red to purple beneath.

Kalanchoe Succulent that is a durable flowering pot plant requiring
very little maintenance in the home or office. Blooms with little yellow

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