Plant Sale ’09 – Pepper List & Other Veggie/Fruit

Posted June 2nd, 2009 by Chris V.

Grown with the same amount of love and care as the tomatoes since late February of this year, this year’s pepper offering is full of many delicious sweet or hot possbilities. They come in two sizes – small and large. Not all types are available in all sizes.

Other veggie/fruit plants are at the end of the table following the peppers.

Peppers – hot or sweet
Picture Name Size Type Color/Descr. Notes
Aci Sivri sweet hot Peppers 6 in. plus oblong fruit Turkish Heirloom 90 days Mild to very hot (5,000 to 30,000 Scoville units)
Big Jim Hot Peppers one of the largest chilies measuring
in at a whopping 12 inches
Hybrid 85 days A meaty, medium heat chile and the largest of the NM chile
pods. Great middle tier heat flavor for those who think that mild is wimpy
and extra hot is insane. Great for chile rellenos.
Cayenne Pepper 7” long 70 days 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville units
Fish Chili Pepper Small 1 in. fruit African Heirloom 80 days The color of the fruit range
from green, orange, brown, white and red, being spicy and hot. Unusual
white and green mottled foliage.
Habanero Pepper short, wrinkled, green fruits
(1-1/2″ long by 1″ wide) turn orange
Caribbean Heirloom 95 days most intensely spicy species
of chili peppers (200,000 – 300,000 scoville units)
Hot Lemon Pepper 2 in. long fruit Ecuador Heirloom 80 days As hot as cayanne, citrusy flavor
Lemon Drop 3/4×2½” fruits Peruvian Heirloom 90 days Hot citrusy flavor
Lipstick Pepper 4″ long by 2″ wide
sweet peppers
73 days Sweet peppers turn from green
to red when mature. Roasted, peeled and stuffed, these small peppers provide
great eye appeal as well as plenty of flavor.
Sorry no pic Louisiana Hot Chili Peppers 3” long fruit 70 days Turns from pale yellow/green to red at maturity. 4,000
to 10,000 Scoville Units
Nardello Sw. Peppers 8-10″ peppers are thick
walled and cayenne-shaped.
Italian Heirloom 65-75 days Sweet and light. Slightly spicy,
smoky flavor. It is considered one of the very best frying peppers as
its fruity raw flavor becomes perfectly creamy and soft when fried.
Pequin pepper Up to 4 in. long 100 days Very hot
Poblano Ranchero Pepper 4 inches long 70 days Poblano peppers have a mildly hot flavor with medium-thick
flesh perfect for stuffing.
Sorry, no pic Red Chili 85 days
Tabasco Pepper Tapered 1 1 /2-in.-long chiles
pack a wallop!
90 days
This pepper is put on Chicago-style hotdogs.
Tobago Seasoning Pepper Caribbean Heirloom 85 days Flavor is distinctive and moderately
hot, more subtle than many hot peppers. Fruits are slightly variable,
maturing to shades of magenta, bright red and orange.
Yellow Jalapeno 1½x1′ typical Jalapeno-type
75 days
Veggies/Fruits – (technically they’re all fruit)
Kiwano Horned Melon A traditional food plant in Africa. It is eaten young, mature
green or when ripe – bright yellow/orange (eaten at any stage of its development).
Tastes like a mix of lemon and banana.
Lemon Cucumber Baseball sized Heirloom 60-75 days Bright lemon yellow colored fruits. Flavor is excellent,
a bit sweeter than normal cucumbers.
Spacemaster cucumber 7-8 inches long
60 days Smooth, cylindrical, crisp, dark green fruits. Extremely
productive on a short vined compact plant.
Melon Early Silver Line 1-2 lbs. Heirloom 76 days Unique, elongated oriental melon. White, crisp flesh sweet
and fragant. A small delicious gourmet melon
Red Currant Bush ¼ inch berries Part shade exposure
Red currants have beautiful red, tart berries growing in
grape-like clusters. Ripe by July 4th.

Red Raspberry Bush 1 inch berries Sun exposure
Produces large crop in spring and fall. Plant is young and
won’t produce until next year.

Tomatillo 2” round fruit covered in husk Heirloom 75 days Related to tomatoes. Has a crisp texture. Has an apple

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