Plant Sale ’09 – Tomato List

Posted June 1st, 2009 by Chris V.

Lovingly and carefully home grown since early March/late February of this year, this year’s tomato offering is full of many delicious sweet or tangy possbilities. They come in three sizes – small, medium, premium sized (most mature). Not all types are available in all sizes.

Tomatoes – Unless indicated all are indeterminate – they are vines and will keep producing until a killing frost
Picture Name Size Type Color/Descr. Notes
Coustralee Beefsteak (1 lb. Plus) French Heirloom Red – 85 days
Marvel Striped Beefsteak (1 lb. Plus) Mexican Heirloom Yellow/Orange/Ruby streaked – 85 days sweet, fruity taste
Mrs. Benson Beefsteak (1 lb. Plus) Heirloom – old family variety from Oswego, IL Dark Pink – 70 days Good sugar/acid balance
Dad’s Sunset Beefsteak (up to 1 lb.) Heirloom Golden Orange – 75 days Zesty sweet flavor
Golden Jubilee Beefsteak (up to 1 lb.) Heirloom Orange – 70 days
Mild, low acid high in Vitamin C
Sorry, no pic Mary Ann Tomato Beefsteak (up to 1 lb.) Heirloom Deep Pink/Red – 78 days Meaty flesh/rich tomato flavor – rare
Mortgage Lifter Beefsteak 1 lb. Plus) Heirloom Deep Pink/Red – 80 days Meaty but milder flavor than red tomatoes.
Pantano Romanesco Beefsteak (up to 1 lb.) Roman Heirloom Deep Red – 70 days Rich acidy flavor
Pink Accordion Beefsteak (up to 1 lb.) Heirloom Deep pink – 72 days
Japanese Black Trifele Medium (around 6 oz.) Russian – determinate Black = Purple/Maroon – 82 days pear-shaped fruits that are free of blemishes and cracks

Nyagous Medium (around 6 oz.) Russian Heirloom Black = Purple/Maroon – 70 days lots of sweet, complex fruit flavors and a clean acidic finish
Granny Smith Medium (around 8 oz.) Hybrid Green – 72 days Excellent slicing tomato which can be diced without becoming mushy. Perfect for grilling or frying. Keeps for two weeks after picking.
Abraham Lincoln Medium (under 1 lb. Each) American Heirloom Red – 80 days

Couldn’t resist using that pic. Originated in Rockford, IL in 1923

Banana Legs Paste Size Heirloom Bright yellow/orange – 72 days Milder tasting than red tomatoes
Black Prince Small (around 2-3 oz.) Russian Heirloom Black = Purple/Maroon – 70 days regarded as a “true Siberian tomato” that does very well in cooler climates.
Green Tiger Cherry (up to 1 oz.) Unknown Green/Red Striped a rich and full flavour with a nice balance of sweet and sharp

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  1. Christine E responds:
    Posted: June 1st, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    Wow! I am shocked by the amount…love the Abe Lincoln pick. Looking forward to seeing the selection and then trying them out in my topsy turvey upside down thingy. Thanks, Chris!!

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